Amir Poudel, Adjunct Faculty

Amir Poudel has more than 10 years of experience in the field of natural resources management specifically focusing on agriculture, biodiversity and wildlife, forestry and climate change. He started his career as a research associate at Nepal’s Center for Natural Resources Management, Training and Policy Research (NARMA). Initially he worked with the International Union for Nature Conservation (IUCN) focusing on documenting traditional knowledge of biodiversity management and use. Currently he is one of the directors at NARMA and since 2009 has been serving as the general secretary to a Nepali non-profit, the Center for Policy Analysis and Development, where he has led and supervised research on climate change vulnerability assessment, adaptation planning, livelihood assessments and river basin management.

Mr. Poudel is passionate about working in developing countries, especially his homeland of Nepal, where he has travelled to 50 out of 75 districts and has worked with diverse rural communities. Understanding the linkages and dynamics between livelihood and natural resources under current global change has been his major interest. So far he has worked as a member of more than 40 different research and implementation projects in Nepal. Assessing livelihoods, food security, and poverty through baseline survey and impact assessments has been his major contributions. He recently led a team to undertake climate change vulnerability assessment in one of the most vital habitats (Terai Arc Landscape) of mega fauna such as the Royal Bengal Tiger, Asian Elephant, one-horned rhinoceros etc.

Mr. Poudel has been teaching at JHU since 2009 when he taught two courses, Agriculture and Forestry – A Case Study of the Third Pole and Comparative Environmental Law between Developing and Developed Countries. His passion is to teach the stories, cases and faces of people in the developing countries to rest of the world for communicating the existing opportunities, challenges and threats that developing countries are facing.

Mr. Poudel has B.Sc. in Environmental Science and M.Sc. in Environmental Science and Policy from Johns Hopkins University. During his studies at JHU he won a faculty/student research grant from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to investigate the relationship between agriculture intensification and environment. In addition to teaching in the ESP program he supervises four undergraduate theses annually at Kathmandu University in Nepal in the areas of climate change research, agriculture, environment etc.

Prof. Poudel’s JHU email is He teaches Climate Change on the Front Lines: Nepal Case Study of Adaptation in Poor and Developing Countries and the field-based course, Special Topics in International Environmental Science and Policy – Nepal.

Amir Poudel