Adam Cole, Adjunct Faculty

Adam Cole is a reporter at NPR’s science desk. He is the creator and wrangler of Skunk Bear, a creative storytelling unit that produces radio pieces, short documentary films, animations, musical podcast segments, data visualizations and GIFs. His work has been recognized by the White House News Photographers Association and the National Association of Black Journalists, been nominated for Webby Awards, and appeared in The Best American Infographics. It has also received a Best of Photojournalism award, an EPPY Award, and 1/27th of an Emmy.

Adam was born in the great state of Oregon and has a master’s and a bachelor’s degree in biology from Stanford University. He studied pregnant garter snakes, the physics of mussels, and cancer-causing genes before discovering journalism at a weekly newspaper in a small Humboldt County dairy community.

Adam Cole