Partnerships with Johns Hopkins’ Advanced Academic Programs (AAP)

The following organizations have committed to effect change and provide opportunities for their employees by entering into a memorandum of understanding with Johns Hopkins University, on behalf of its Krieger School of Arts and Sciences Advanced Academic Programs.

Organization Qualifications Program Restrictions? Application Fee Waived? 10% Tuition Discount?
Health and Human Services (HHS) Full-time employee of HHS or one of its affiliates. This includes FDA, NIH, CDC and others. Click here for a full list. Yes, please click here for full list of permitted programs. Yes Yes
National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA) Current NCURA member applying to MS in Research Administration Yes.
Only applicable to MS in Research Administration.
Yes Yes
Novavax Full-time employee of Novavax No Yes Yes
Booz Allen Hamilton Full-time employee of Booz Allen Hamilton No No Yes
Precision for Medicine Full-time employee of Precision for Medicine No Yes Yes
B. Braun Medical Inc. Full-time employee of B. Braun Medical Inc. No Yes Yes
BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Inc. Full-time employee of BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Inc No Yes Yes
Affymetrix Full-time employee of Affymetrix No Yes Yes
Under Armour Full-time employee of Under Armour No Yes Yes
The Smithsonian Institution Full-time employee of The Smithsonian Institution No Yes Yes
CSL Behring Full-time employee of CSL Behring No Yes Yes
The Museum of Modern Art Full-time employee of The Museum of Modern Art No Yes Yes

Application fee waivers are also available for: JHU alumni, McNair Scholars, and National GEM fellows.