Admissions Requirements

Application Deadline:  There are no application deadlines for any of the programs. Applications are reviewed in an ongoing basis. For more information, click here.

Bachelor’s Degree:  Students must hold a bachelor’s degree prior to enrolling in any of our Advanced Academic Programs. In addition, the requirements of each degree and certificate program differ. Please follow the links below to learn the admission requirements for your program.

Application Materials:  Please note that the gathering of admissions requirements is the responsibility of the applicant.

Transcripts: Please mail your official transcripts from schools in the United States to this address: Johns Hopkins University AAP Admissions Office, 1717 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Suite 101Washington, DC 20036.

We accept electronic transcripts sent through secured systems, including but not limited to: SCRIP-SAFEDocufideJoint Services Transcript (JST) and WES. Please check with your institution to determine if they participate in sending electronic transcripts securely. Official transcripts sent electronically should go to:

Your Degree Requirements: The admissions requirements are different for each degree. Please find the requirements for yours below.

Graduate Degrees

Certificate Programs

Dual Degree and Combined Programs