Faculty Semester Start Checklist

Welcome to Advanced Academic Programs (AAP). The following checklist and information should assist you in getting started with your teaching assignment.

1. Adjunct Contract(s) and Acknowledgment forms.

Delivery Methods for Adjunct Contracts and Acknowledgement forms (please choose one of the following)

  • Email (scan) AAPFinance@jhu.edu
  • Postal Mail The Johns Hopkins University KSAS/Advanced Academic Programs Attn: AAP Finance Department 1717 Massachusetts Ave NW, Ste. 104 Washington, DC 20036

2. Syllabus. Submit your syllabus to your Program Director and send separately to the Faculty Services Coordinator. If you are teaching online, post your syllabus to your course.

3. Textbook Information.

  • MBS Bookstore. Receive an email from AAP staff 6 weeks prior to start of term with instructions for listing textbooks in MBS Bookstore. Within 2 weeks, submit your book information to MBS Direct Service Center.
  • Electronic reserve requests should be submitted 4-6 weeks before the beginning of the semester for optimal service. Requests submitted later may be processed in stages, in order of assignment date. E-Reserves (reserves@jhu.edu) must be requested each semester. Please simply send your syllabus, or list of readings with assignment dates. Or you may use the online form to submit your request.
  • Desk Copy (a free copy of your textbook). These requests can be made via the online form.

4. Audio/Visual Equipment. Classrooms are already equipped with a computer, projector and Microsoft PowerPoint capabilities. However, if you need additional audio/visual (AV) equipment, submit an Audio/Visual (AV) Request Form.

5. Contact Information for Faculty Services. Review and save the Contact Information for Faculty Services page. This is a helpful resource to which you may need to refer throughout the term.

6. University Policies. Read through and understand your responsibilities regarding University Policies on the University Policies webpage. Please scroll to the bottom of that page to find the policies.