Faculty Semester Start Checklist

Welcome to Advanced Academic Programs (AAP). The following checklist and information should assist you in getting started with your new teaching assignment at Johns Hopkins University Advanced Academic Programs.

1. Appointment Letter. Sign, date, and return the Appointment Letter (keep a copy for your records) and return to AAP Washington, DC Center at least one month before the beginning of the semester/term.

2. Acknowledgement of Textbook Selection. Sign, date and return the Acknowledgement of Textbook Selection with your appointment letter. Read the JHU Policy on Textbook Affordability.

3. Syllabus. Submit your syllabus with your appointment letter, or send separately to the Faculty Services Coordinator at your teaching site, or post to your course site for online courses.

4. Book Information. Submit your book information 6 weeks prior to the semester start to Course Director via MBS Direct Service Center. See the Online Bookstore Guide form for complete directions about ordering, or contact your faculty program director for more information. If no text is required, choose this in the drop down menu.

5. Desk Copy. Request a desk copy of your text(s) with the online form, Desk Copy Request Form. Desk copies will be delivered to your teaching site for pick up. Online instructors will be contacted about delivery. Please note that a desk copy is provided by a publisher for texts that are adopted and ordered for a course. To review a text, please contact the publisher directly.

6. Electronic Reserves. Set up electronic reserves for your course. Contact your liason or campus librarian to find out other ways the library can assist with your course needs.

7. AV Equipment. If Audio/Visual (AV) equipment is needed in the classroom, complete the Audio/Visual (AV) Request Form or contact the appropriate Faculty Services Coordinator. For multi-media requests in an online course, email the Instructional Resource Center Multi-Media at aapmultimedia@jhu.edu.

8. Field Trip Waiver. For faculty whose course involves one or more field trips, please inform the Faculty Services Coordinator at your teaching site, and have your students complete the Field Trip Release and Waiver of Liability Form.

9. Contact Page. Review the Contact page.

10. University Policies. Familiarize yourself with University Policies.

11. Instructional Resource Center. Visit the Instructional Resource Center for teaching tips and training opportunities.