Policy and Training Checklist

To ensure that you are familiar with JHU and AAP policy, we ask that you review our policies and complete trainings on Title IX, Opioid Education and Academic Integrity.

Read the Academic Catalog, Student Conduct Code, and the AAP Code of Conduct.

These documents outline the policies that AAP students must adhere to. It is your responsibility to be familiar with the academic and behavioral policies of the University. If there is something you don’t understand – we can help with that.

Complete the Academic Integrity Course

All students at AAP are automatically enrolled in Avoiding Plagiarism at JHU: a course that covers the basics of academic integrity.

Instructions on accessing Avoiding Plagiarism Course.

Complete Title IX and Harassment Prevention Training

As an incoming University Community member, you are required to take the Title IX and Harassment Prevention online program. This required online educational course takes at least 90 minutes and covers key topics related to sexual misconduct, sexual violence (in compliance with Title IX and Campus SaVE Act requirements), and preventing discrimination and harassment in academic and work environments. You can access the training through myLearning via my.jh.edu and navigate to Education and myLearning on the left navigation bar.

Review Opioid Crisis Awareness Presentation

Starting in July 2017, all institutions of higher learning are required to provide training about the opioid crisis to incoming students as part of the Start Talking Maryland Act. Please view this brief presentation about the opioid crisis, awareness and prevention.