Disability Accommodations

Requesting Disability Accommodations

The Johns Hopkins University is committed to providing reasonable and appropriate accommodations to students with disabilities.

To request accommodations, AAP students must submit the following:

1. Request for Accommodation Form

2. Documentation completed by an appropriately credentialed professional. This documentation must provide a comprehensive evaluation of a specific disability that identifies the type of disability, describes the current level of functioning in an academic setting, and lists recommended accommodations. For additional information about submitting documentation, students can consult the Guide for Students located on the JHU Disability Services webpage.

All documentation will be reviewed and reasonable accommodations will be provided based on the student’s needs. Depending on the accommodation, there may be a time delay before accommodations can be implemented.

Requesting accommodations before the semester is preferable, but not required.

The Review Process

The Director for University-wide Disability Services will review the documentation and make recommendations concerning the requested accommodations. The evaluation process includes a review of the documentation and a review to ensure that the accommodations do not alter the fundamental goals and essential standards of the program or service in question. Once the review process has been completed, the student will be informed. This process usually takes 3-4 weeks.

Receiving Accommodations

The AAP Director of Student and Faculty Services will coordinate the delivery of the accommodations. The student’s instructor will be notified in writing of the accommodation(s). When appropriate, the advisor and the Student and Faculty Services Coordinator at the teaching site will also be notified.

The type of disability will not be disclosed to the instructor(s), advisor or Student and Faculty Services Coordinator. The privacy rights of each student are honored to the fullest extent possible.

Student Status

Students in special student status or provisional status follow the same procedures as outlined above.

Students in dual degree programs will follow the procedures established by the school or division in which the courses are taught.

Students from other JHU divisions who have completed an interdivisional registration form and have received advisor approval to take an AAP course, must also complete an AAP Request for Accommodations Form. Depending on the accommodation, there may be a time delay before accommodations can be implemented.

Grievance Procedure

Johns Hopkins University and Advanced Academic Programs have procedures in place to create a prompt and equitable resolution of complaints alleging discrimination of a disability. The Johns Hopkins University Disability Grievance Procedure outlines details of this process. Contact AAPDisability@jhu.edu or 202.452.1952 for details.

University-wide Disability Services

The JHU Director for Disability Services in the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Programs serves as the central point of contact for information on physical and programmatic access, specific accommodations, resolution of complaints and problems, faculty and staff concerns, and identification of available services. Contact the Director at: 410-516-8949 (TTY: 410-516-8225). Additional information is located on the JHU Disabilty Services webpage.