Professors Wynn-Grant, Burgess and Hilgartner Presented Research at the International ICCB Conference

Posted in Environmental Sciences and Policy

Professors Wynn-Grant, Burgess and Hilgartner presented research at the international ICCB Conference in Columbia, South America. ICCB is recognized as one of the most important international meeting for conservation professionals and students. ICCBs are a forum for addressing conservation challenges. Below are the titles of their research:

  • Serpentine Vegetation Dynamics and Conifer Encroachment in Conjunction with Anthropogenic Disturbance
    Jerry L. Burgess, William Hilgartner
  • Tools for Fostering Inclusive Conservation Science Communication
    Cynthia Malone, Rae Wynn-Grant
  • Building a Network of Conservation Scientists Engaged in Environmental and Social Activism
    Rae Wynn-Grant, Martha Groom, Cynthia Malone, Ricardo Rocha, Eleanor Sterling