Odyssey Fall 2018 Course Catalog Available Now

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Odyssey Fall 2018 Course Catalog
See the PDF of our Course Catalog for the Fall 2018 semester.

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Fall 2018 Highlights Include:

  • Perspectives: Multi-Speaker Lecture Series (Click here)
    The Threat of Nuclear Proliferation (Click here)
    John Hessler – Coordinator and Presenter
    ◦ The Fate of the Middle Class (Click here)
    Steven Richmond – Coordinator with Special Guest, Tom Hall
  • Mark Croatti on William Hanchett’s The Lincoln Murder Conspiracies (Click here)
  • Art Criticism in Practice with Kerr Houston and museum visits (Click here)
  • Judge Steven Sfekas recounts The Justice Trial at Nuremberg (Click here)
  • Gun Control: lectures and Saturday Panel Symposium (Click here)
  • Colleen Webster returns for A Living History: Rachel Carson (Click here)
  • The Madwoman in the Attic with Dianne Scheper (Click here)
  • Learn to Read Music with Douglas Blackstone (Click here)
  • Foreign Languages: Italian, French, and Spanish (Click here)
  • Creative Writing: including our 3rd Annual Weekend Writers’ Retreat (Click here)

And much more!