GIS Student Awarded Esri User Conference Student Assistantship

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Courtney Maxson, a current student in the Johns Hopkins Master of Science in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) program, was recently awarded a Student Assistantship for the 2014 Esri User Conference in July.

Courtney MaxsonBased in California, Esri is a leading international supplier of GIS applications, software, and geodatabase management tools. The Esri User Conference (UC) promotes collaboration and networking for GIS professionals who redefine how we solve social, economic, business, and environmental challenges. In 2013, there was an estimated 15,000 GIS leaders in attendance from over 130 countries.

“I am honored and excited beyond words to be selected as an ESRI UC student assistant,” said Ms. Maxson. “The ESRI UC is the largest GIS conference in the world and will be an unbelievable opportunity for me.”

The Student Assistantship Program is a highly coveted opportunity for GIS students from around the world. The selection committee appoints up to 60 students and facilitates enrichment and networking activities throughout the UC.

“I have realized that I grow and develop as an individual the most when I am challenged intellectually,” said Ms. Maxson. “My love for learning and my passion for GIS are bound to make my assistantship an experience that is enriched with knowledge of new GIS applications and technologies, and is one that I will remember for a lifetime.”

The Johns Hopkins Master of Science in GIS and Certificate in GIS offer a scientific foundation in the fascinating fields of spatial data modeling, spatial data analysis, geo-visualization, and enterprise GIS architecture. Courses are available 100% online and students attend from around the United States and world.

“During my time as a graduate student with JHU, I have been constantly amazed and inspired by the intellect, dedication, and enthusiasm of my professors and classmates.  I have enjoyed this journey immensely so far, and have learned an unbelievable amount along the way,” said Ms. Maxson.  “I know that the ESRI User Conference will greatly enhance these positive experiences.  I cannot wait to see where GIS will take me next, and I look forward to sharing these amazing experiences with my Johns Hopkins community!”

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