Larry Silverman Publishes Book on Watershed Dialogues Based on a Course Team Taught with Amir Poudel

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Watershed Dialogues E-Book Cover
Larry J. Silverman today releases an e-book on water policy entitled “An International Dialogue on Watersheds.” The book is based on a class Larry Silverman taught on comparative environmental law, along with Amir Poudel, another JHU adjunct headquartered in Kathmandu Nepal. It features Dr. Ben Grumbles, who now serves of the Secretary of Environment for the State of Maryland He is one of America’s most distinguished natural resource lawyers and policy experts. Dr. Grumbles fields questions from students in the US and abroad -many from Nepal- on the theme of watersheds, and how the watershed idea can and should shape law and policy. The video dialogue is transcribed and seasoned with short films illustrating the topics discussed. At the end of each chapter, study questions are posed. The e-Book speaks directly to the concerns of water policy practitioners and students throughout the world. But it will have special relevance to professionals and students in developing nations striving to create regimes for addressing daunting environmental challenges.

The book can be purchased from the publisher, KnowledgeRealm. Click on the link and you will be taken to the KnowledgeRealm PayPal page to purchase the book. Within five minutes of purchase you will receive an email from Ken Kenworthy (president of KnowledgeRealm) giving instructions for downloading the book.

This Dialogue explores in depth the conflict between science and politics: the scientific necessity of dealing with environmental issues from a holistic perspective that engages all those who impact the resource, versus the stubborn reality of political fragmentation and conflict. This is a practical guide for people who mean to make a difference. As Dr. Grumbles says, “[E]nvironmental law and policy is about what’s practical, and how to make meaningful progress.”

This book is the property of Friends of Prakriti, a charitable non-profit corporation devoted to helping environmental professionals, especially young ones, in developing countries meet the environment challenges of their home countries. Contributions can be made directly to FoP through, and clicking on the Donate Now Button.