Energy Policy & Climate Program Cited Among the Top “Colleges Saving the Planet”

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The Energy Policy & Climate Program was recently named among the top university programs producing top graduates armed for the environmental challenges ahead.

Compiled by the Online College Database, the honorees list featured universities from across the country. Programs named included Environmental Studies programs, Law programs, Science programs and more, illustrating the broad range of criteria its committee used in its selection process.

According to the organization’s website, the list was designed to “recognize schools with a passion for planet Earth, green science, green technology and, yes, green law schools across the nation offer innovative programs.”

Among the top fifteen recognized universities were Yale, Harvard, MIT and Stanford University.

Selected at #14, the JHU Energy Policy & Climate program was cited in particular for its rigor and “coursework in this program bridges interdisciplinary studies in sustainable energy systems, energy production and delivery, and policy (international, national and local).”

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