Daily News: Disease, Pandemic

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(The Battle of Yonkers — Thanks to Dan LuVisi)


Two stories on how we are rethinking both the course and the nature of our human response to pandemic in both the Medieval and Early Modern periods:



  1. Did survivors live healthier lives?
  2. Did survivors have stronger DNA (and hardier)?
  3. Did communities create cleaner living spaces and better protocols for future outbreaks?
  4. Or did all those deaths simply alleviate disease-nurturing-spreading conditions?




Simple but critical: In a plague context where the pandemic has already overwhelmed all our defenses, how do we go about figuring it out? In net assessment terms, our ability to do a full assessment of how to survive after the plague has decisively won the initial battle is in effect our second line of defense.




So how great is net assessment if it is just a thinly disguised publicity stunt?




Reading it, you will note its cookie-cutter approach to conceptualization and execution. This is of far more concern, because the anti-Zombie CONPLAN seems far less effective than the actual USSTRATCOM CONPLAN for capturing the 24-hour news cycle — you know, the one that made USSTRATCOM seem so suddenly hip.