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Understanding the United States Relationships with Its Counterterrorism Partners: An Interview with Dr. Stephen Tankel

Dr. Stephen Tankel

Global Security Podcasts The United States vitally depends on foreign partners as it fights terrorist groups around the world. However, those relationships often do not deliver what Washington thinks they should. In this Global Security Podcast, Mark Stout talks with Dr. Stephen Tankel about his new book With Us and Against Us: How America’s Partners Help and Hinder read more…

The Ideology of al Qaeda and ISIS: An Interview with Dr. Shiraz Maher

Shiraz Maher

Do al Qaeda and ISIL fight the way they do because of their understanding of Islam? Or do they have the understanding of Islam they do because they are fighting? What do they believe anyway and what sort of theological contortions did they have to go through to justify those beliefs? Dr. Shiraz Maher of Kings read more…

Dr. William McCants on the ISIS Apocalypse

William McCants

Why does ISIS ban smoking in the territory it controls and what does that fact tell us about the nature of the group? Who are the ISIS fanboys and will ISIS sound the death knell of Al Qaeda? Mark Stout discusses these questions with Dr. William McCants, author of the new book The ISIS Apocalypse: read more…

Intelligence Analysis: How Is It Done? How Is It Taught?

Cynthia Storer

Mark Stout discusses intelligence analysis with Cynthia Storer a veteran CIA analyst who teaches in the Global Security Studies and Intelligence programs. They discuss the role of intelligence analysis in the intelligence process, who makes a good analyst, how the field is evolving, and what to expect if you take her class.

Corruption as a Security Problem

Sarah Chayes

For quite some time corruption has attracted attention because of its potential negative implications for economic growth, but can it also lead to instability and extremist violence? Sarah Chayes, senior associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, former special adviser to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and award winning journalist, discusses read more…

Understanding the Role of the National Security Council Staff

The National Security Council (NSC) Staff in its current role as an “honest broker” dates to the Nixon Administration, but what does it mean to be an “honest broker?”  John Gans, who teaches American National Security for the MA in Global Security Studies, discusses his research on this subject with Program Director Mark Stout.  Based read more…

Mercenaries at Sea? Private Anti-Piracy Contractors Today


Private military contractors — what some people call “mercenaries” — are controversial on land. But what happens when they go to sea? On October 2, 2014, the Global Security Studies program hosted John-Clark Levin, co-author of Private Anti-Piracy Navies: How Warships for Hire are Changing Maritime Security, to discuss this topic. He described the ways read more…

Foreign Fighters in Iraq and Syria

Mark Stout sat down recently with Dr. Peter Neumann, Director of the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation at King’s College in London who also teaches “Radicalization and Deradicalization in Terror Networks” for us. The subject was Dr. Neumann’s research into the foreign fighters who go to Iraq and Syria to fight as part read more…

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