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Career Planning Guide: Plan and Develop Future Career Path

Career Planning

The JHU Career Academies has begun a new initiative that will focus on building a career with network investments and industry partners: Career Planning Guide: Plan and Develop Your Future Career Path These resources are meant to focus career direction, identify personal and professional goals, and implement an action plan to accomplish these goals.

Professors Wynn-Grant, Burgess and Hilgartner Presented Research at the International ICCB Conference

Professors Wynn-Grant, Burgess and Hilgartner presented research at the international ICCB Conference in Columbia, South America. ICCB is recognized as one of the most important international meeting for conservation professionals and students. ICCBs are a forum for addressing conservation challenges. Below are the titles of their research: Serpentine Vegetation Dynamics and Conifer Encroachment in Conjunction read more…

Amir Poudel Will Be Presenting at Stockholm University

Amir Poudel

Mr. Amir Poudel will be presenting his study, Youth Workshops and Forestry: Case Studies from Nepal, in Stockholm, Sweden. September 29th – October 2nd, 2017, event is organized by University of Michigan, Ann Arbor and hosted by Stockholm University. His work is based on case studies from Nepal where communities have demonstrated ways to retain read more…

Dr. Antoinette WinklerPrins Publishes New Book

Dr. Antoinette WinklerPrins

Dr. Antoinette WinklerPrins has just published an exciting new book in the field of Urban Agriculture (UA). The book opens with an introductory chapter (WinklerPrins) defining urban agriculture and discussing how the topic has been differentially treated around the world, comparing and contrasting UA between the Global North and South. Check it out: Global Urban read more…

Dr. Jerry Burgess Met with Senator Ben Cardin

Doctor Jerry Burgess and Senator Ben Cardin

Dr. Jerry Burgess, Director of the Environmental Sciences and Policy program, recently met with Maryland Senator Ben Cardin to discuss species conservation and the endangered species act. Senator Cardin stated his unequivocal support to the environment and articulated how fragile our environment is and how important it is to have assurance and laws to protect our read more…

AAP Alum Greg Gangnuss Receives Valor Award for Heroic Actions

Greg Gangnuss

Gregory Gangnuss, a 1997 graduate of John Hopkins’ environmental science program, was presented the Air Force Civilian Award for Valor during a ceremony Feb. 22 for performing life-saving actions under perilous conditions. On October 11th, 2015, while on a voluntary deployment to Kabul, Afghanistan, Gangnuss heard the sound of a helicopter crash near the headquarters read more…