AAP Career Services: How to Prepare for an Interview

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Many AAP students work full-time and are pursuing a graduate degree in order to make a mid-career move or transition to a different industry. Applying for jobs and preparing for the all-important interview can feel daunting. But it doesn’t have to be!

Colleen Connolly McCusker, Associate Director for Career Services, provides students with the knowledge to succeed in this fast-paced marketplace. She ensures that students are fully prepared for the path to professional achievement.

“The job market is highly competitive and so every detail matters. Your image and how you present yourself is a direct reflection on your perception and decision-making skills in an ambiguous environment,” said Connolly McCusker. “The more you know before the interview the less likely you will be caught off guard.”

We’ve compiled her top tips and tricks for successfully tackling the interview process. Check out our handy infographic below:

You Got the Interview: Now What?