AAP Alum Greg Gangnuss Receives Valor Award for Heroic Actions

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Greg Gangnuss

Greg Gangnuss on an airfield in Afghanistan during his March 2015-April 2016 deployment

Gregory Gangnuss, a 1997 graduate of John Hopkins’ environmental science program, was presented the Air Force Civilian Award for Valor during a ceremony Feb. 22 for performing life-saving actions under perilous conditions.

On October 11th, 2015, while on a voluntary deployment to Kabul, Afghanistan, Gangnuss heard the sound of a helicopter crash near the headquarters buildings of Camp Resolute Support. Without regard for his own safety, Greg ran to the crash site, charging through heavy smoke and spilled fuel. He climbed on top of the mangled helicopter, pried open the passenger compartment and crawled through the crushed, smoke-filled passenger compartment and began carefully extracting victims and rendering aid.

Greg refused to exit the helicopter compartment until he knew all of the injured crash victims were safely outside and the deceased were recovered. Greg’s selfless bravery and disregard for his own safety resulted in saving the lives of four coalition personnel.

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