Writing Graduate Programs

Writing education at its best

The Johns Hopkins graduate writing programs have a long standing record of providing quality education based on industry experience. Learn from experienced professionals while earning an MA in Writing or Science Writing, or become well versed in training future writers through the MA in Teaching Writing. Graduate certificate programs are also available in Science Writing and Teaching Writing.

In hopes of providing an education of impeccable quality to students of wide circumstances, we now offer flexible class formats in Baltimore, Washington DC, and online.

MA in Writing

The Master of Arts in Writing Program is celebrating 20 years of success in helping writers achieve a wide range of creative and professional goals. With a part-time format, craft-based courses, and a faculty of practicing writers and editors, the program offers a challenging yet nurturing environment to expand knowledge and skills in either Fiction or Nonfiction writing.

MA in Science Writing

The innovative MA in Science Writing Program at Johns Hopkins University strives to guide the next generation of writers and editors who will help us learn how increasingly complex science, medicine, and technology affect our lives. In this flexible 9-course program the focus for students is to build a complete skill set that allows them to communicate the sometimes subtle variations of scientific concepts effectively to a full spectrum of audiences.

MA in Teaching Writing

The Master of Arts in Teaching Writing Program is a flexible, part-time program of online classes and face-to-face residencies, infused with the prestige, quality, and value of Johns Hopkins University. The MA in Teaching Writing Program helps educators at all levels, across disciplines, learn to become master teachers of writing by acquiring new and innovative ways to teach writing to their students. Through the study of theories and best practices on the teaching of writing, educators can share with their colleagues, and pursue their writing in an exciting and supportive online community of teachers and writers.

Certificate in Science Writing

The Graduate Certificate in Science Writing program explores the professional landscape and the basic skills needed by any individual looking to thrive in this field. Offered fully online, this innovative program focuses on honing the student’s journalistic and creative writing abilities.

Certificate in Teaching Writing

The five-course Graduate Certificate in Teaching Writing allows students of all backgrounds to address their individual situations, needs, and interests while learning within a diverse community. By offering flexible, interactive, and customized learning, the program provides a model for teaching writing and a forum where all teachers can learn and grow together, not only as teachers of writing, but as writers as well.

Writing Graduate Programs