Teaching Writing Residency

The 2017 Teaching Writing Residency took place July 2 – 9 at the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine as Teaching Writing students joined with some forty other students from the Johns Hopkins Writing and Science Writing programs for the 2017 Hopkins Conference on Craft.

The Residency course is listed as:

AS.492.690.91 Residency: Best Practices in the Teaching of Writing

The complete description of the residency course will come later, but at this point, we are planning for the course to contain several activities and aspects, including:

  • every student will create and teach a lesson that involves writing. This lesson will be taught either to fellow Teaching Writing students, selected students and faculty from the Writing and Science Writing Programs, or members of the general public, or a combination of all three.
  • every student will design the framework of a course they would like to create, or will re-design the framework of a course they already teach, with an eye toward including some of the best practices on teaching writing presented in the Teaching Writing Program courses.
  • every student will read and research into a writing-related issue or area of inquiry that relates directly to the subjects and grades they teach, and will present their findings to the class as a whole.
  • every student will participate in various writing activities and exercises designed to generate potential writing material for the future;
  • every student will participate in a full-class writing workshop involving one piece of writing of the student’s choice, and will simultaneously consider best practices for teaching a writing workshop.

There will be some individual preparation required prior to arriving at the conference, but the bulk of the work will take place during the week we are together in Bar Harbor.

The cost for the residency varies according to whether you are a current student or an alumnus and whether you wish to stay in the dorm at the College of the Atlantic or prefer to take care of your own lodging.

Who can take the Teaching Writing residency?

  • Any student who is in the Teaching Writing Program, either as a degree or certificate candidate
  • Any student or alumni who has taken the Teaching Writing core course
  • Others who have teaching experience and would like to take the course should contact me.

Mark Farrington
Director, Teaching Writing Program