Course Description

492.630 - The Power of Story: Teaching and Writing Narrative

This course is designed for participants who wish to teach and write fictional, factual, and poetic narrative. The course covers elements of narrative, including plot, character, setting, tone, pacing, dialogue, and theme, plus the terms writers use to discuss and analyze narrative. Program participants learn how to introduce this language in their classrooms and to engage their own students in discussion about assigned reading and writing. Participants in this course write original narratives from prompts and discuss those writings in a workshop environment. Participants may also read narrative poems, short stories, one or more novels or novel excerpts, and one or more nonfiction narratives, with an eye toward how reading can inform and enrich the writing experience, as well as reading articles on teaching process and theory – including recent brain research concerning the value of narrative. This course also helps teachers understand the differences between factual and nonfactual writing, and how they can be separated or combined.