Course Description

475.800 - Capstone Project in Research Administration

The Capstone Seminar is the culmination of the Master's in Research Administration where students will integrate and build on their previous coursework in the program to apply it to practical settings. Students must have completed ten of the twelve courses required for the M.S. degree in order to enroll in this course. During the semester students will identify and analyze an issue or problem and propose a solution during this semester long course. Those electing the Capstone may explore issues related to a current research administration project in a "real world" setting. This original work can be for the organization or agency for which the student works or for a hypothetical organization, but it should result in the student conducting original research and applying strategies, testing solutions, and using tools to meet the particular needs of chosen work environment. To complete the course students must write a 25-35 page capstone project paper. If the project is not completed by the end of the semester, students will need to enroll in AS.475.855.