Course Description

410.673 - Biological Processes in Regulatory Affairs

This course provides an overview of the biological processes laboratory techniques utilized for the discovery, development and evaluation of therapeutic drugs. Students investigate drug development processes, such as gene cloning, culture scale-u downstream processing, and product purification. Emphasis is placed on the theory and application of laboratory methods u in drug development, such as recombinant DNA techniques, antibody technology, protein purification, immunoassays, high throughput drug screening, chromatography, electrophoresis cell receptor characterization, pharmacokinetics, drug toxicity testing and evaluation of therapeutic drugs, diagnostics, and vaccines. Prerequisites: 410.303 Bioscience for Regulatory Affairs, OR 410.601 Biochemistry and 410.603 Advanced Cell Biology OR admissions to the MS in Regulatory Science OR Master of Biotechnology Enterprise and Entrepreneurship programs. S