Course Description

470.727 - The Politics of the New Administration

The course will allow students to follow the new administration of America's 45th president as it develops. We will study the politics of the new administration ranging from the selection of the president's Cabinet to his major domestic programs including health care, the environment and energy programs. We will debate and discuss the new administration's foreign policy goals and objectives around the world including Iraq and Afghanistan and the War on Terror. The main issue facing the new administration will be the economy and we will study how the new administration handles this ongoing crisis. We will compare how Franklin Roosevelt handled his first 100 days during the great Depression and compare them today's severe recession and how the new President does or does not rise to the problem of restoring faith in the American economy. The course will also include guest speakers -- from members of the new administration-and journalists who cover the White House. Students will take on the role of advisors to the president and present a paper on the political perspectives of a specific domestic or foreign policy initiative the new president has put forth. This course counts towards the concentration in Political Communication.