Is the HSI Program right for me?

If you are looking for a place to just take classes, HSI is NOT right for you. However, if you’re looking for a program as unique as you are, as ambitious and innovative and as determined as you are to get you into medical school, then you may have found where you belong. If you’re looking for a program that has thought about not only what will get you into medical school but also what it takes to be a good medical school student and phenomenal doctor, then welcome home.

What is the length of the program? How are the 10 courses completed within that timeframe?

All students are enrolled for 1 year – 3 courses during the summer, 3 courses during the fall and 4 courses during the spring.

Does the HSI Program focus on recruiting individuals who are underserved in medicine?

Although we do not have any special initiatives for the recruitment of any specific population of students, each year we welcome many students who would be considered under-represented in medicine. As with all of our students, these individuals bring a broad range of perspectives that help everyone appreciate the richness that respect and inclusion creates. We strive to offer the support and openness to all ideas that will allow all students to feel welcome and empowered to be successful through our Program.

What are we looking for during the admissions process? What does an ideal candidate look like?

Our key mission to support individual students in their unique path to medicine. Thus, to allow for this individuality in all of our applicants, we practice holistic review. This means we take all aspects of your story into account during our review and do not hold candidates against an “ideal” when assessing qualification. In fact, the only assume we make about each candidate is that they plan on applying to medical school, and the only universal question we ask is, “Given this impending application, is it possible for our program to help this unique candidate achieve their goals with our resources and opportunities?” There can be many different kinds of students for whom the answer to that question can be yes. As such, we recommend that, in your application, be the best you that you can be and do your best to show who you are in your application so that we have the best chance to understanding your perspective and getting to know you through your application.

How many students are we accepting?

For the 2016-17 cycle we will accept approximately 50 students. Students will be admitted once a year in the spring for summer entry.

If I have not finished my bachelor’s degree yet, can I apply?

If you anticipate completing your degree prior to beginning the HSI Program, yes, you can apply. If your application is favorably reviewed, the Admissions Committee will offer you a “Conditional Acceptance”. You will be required to submit an official transcript that shows your graduation date prior to enrollment in a second term.

Does AP credit satisfy pre-requisite requirements?

Although the JHU HSI Program does consider applicants who have completed prerequisites with AP courses, it is important to realize that not all medical schools do the same. For this reason, it is important to look into the requirements of the medical school that are interested in attending to determine whether this will be an issue for you when you eventually apply to medical school. Because our students are strongly focused on finishing the graduate courses associated with completing their degree while in the Program, we strongly recommend that you take care of these issues prior to attending our institution. In doing so, you will be ready to apply to medical school immediately at the completion of the Program.

I am an international student. Can I apply?

Yes, as long as you fulfill the prerequisites stipulated for both general applicants as well as for international students. Please note that the prerequisite coursework must have been completed at a US institution.

When should I apply? Does it matter when I apply?

Application to the HSI Program is competitive, so we strongly recommend applying at least two months in advance of your intended start term. Please know that you cannot apply more than in a year of advance of your intended start term.

What is the deadline for application?

Completed applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis starting each October until the incoming class is filled. Admission to the HSI Program is competitive and space is limited, so we strongly recommend applying early to ensure your greatest chance at success.

When do incoming students start classes?

All students must start in the summer term.

How long does the program take?

One year. Students begin in the summer semester and continue to take courses in the fall, winter intersession, spring semester and may intersession. HSI students complete the program in time for the June AMCAS application opening.

May I take online courses?

Although online education is a wonderful opportunity to access extraordinary education, online education is currently in its infancy. As a result, US medical schools do not universally recognize the rigor of online courses. Until this changes, we strongly discourage students from taking science courses online.

I don’t have a 3.0 cumulative GPA. Am I still eligible to apply?

Because medical schools will not ignore a candidate’s undergraduate GPA, we cannot ignore the potential challenge of a poor GPA. As such, students who do not meet the 3.0 cumulative GPA minimum are at a significant disadvantage during the HSI application process. However, we also recognize that, like all averages, a single GPA value does not provide historical academic insight like a full transcript will. We acknowledge there will be students below this minimum that may be great candidates for the HSI Program with good reasons for their academic profile. As such, all applicants will receive a thorough review regardless of GPA.

Does the HSI Admissions Committee review applicants of under-represented populations differently?

Though HSI does not have any special initiatives for the recruitment of any specific population of students, each year we welcome many students who would be considered under-represented in medicine.  As with all our students, they bring a broad range of perspectives that helps everyone appreciate the richness that respect and inclusion creates. We practice holistic review, which means we take all aspects of your story into account during our review including this piece and many many others.

How many HSI students are admitted to medical school?

Overall, more than 95% of our students have been accepted to medical school within two application cycles, the majority in their first application cycle.

What if I don’t get into medical school?

Although we anticipate the majority of our students will be accepted to medical schools, it is never a bad idea to have a plan B. Students who have not yet completed the HSI program may be able to transfer to one of the other five MS Biotechnology concentrations that more appropriately fits their career goals. Additionally, students who complete the program will finish with a Master of Science in Biotechnology, whichis advantageous in a number of science fields.

How is the informal video used in the review process?

Students often find it challenging to convey their personality in a paper application. And historically, our Admissions Committee has found it hard to see who an applicant really is in the paper application, despite our desire to get to know you better. Your informal video allows us an easy way to get to know every student that applies. The videos are not assessed, graded or critiqued. We simply utilize them to ensure a more holistic understanding of you as an applicant and thus ensure a more holistic review process.

I have more questions not answered here. What should I do?

Before contacting our Admissions Team, please watch this recording of an online open house. Note: Program policies, deadlines, tuition and other details contained within this video are subject to change.

How can I find housing?

Please visit the Housing Resources page for helpful information.