Atlanta, GA, Onsite Seminar (460.610.91)

November 6-17, 2017

Registration: June 19 – July 14, 2017


Leaning into Teachable Moments

Teachable moments are simply opportunities to open yourself up to other perspectives. Thankfully, they are not restricted by age, race, gender or anything else. And, they are inherently personal. In this seminar, we will explore how teachable moments, in all aspects of the museum field, are used to better understand how we work, why we work and where we work within the field. Regardless of expertise or title, this seminar will challenge participants to become more aware of how they work through individual and collective conflicts. Students will reflect on ways in which diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion intersect with traditional museum departments. And, through daily museum visits, guest speakers, and class sessions, seminar students will meld theory with practical application in order to better understand how fostering empathy enhances teachable moments within museums. The final project for the seminar will put into practice what we learn by having students create a multi-genre reflection focused on the impact of how they leaned in to teachable moments in Atlanta.

Academic Requirements

Students must have completed a minimum of two courses in the program to register for this class; however, four or more courses are recommended. One of these courses must be 460.601 or 460.602.


Students will register for this course (AS.460.610.91.FA17) in SIS. This course needs 10 students to run. (The maximum number of students is 20.) Those planning to graduate in Fall 2017 will be given preference.


Dina Bailey

Teaching Assistant

Claudette Lopez (alum of JHU Museum Studies)

Dress Code

Unless noted, informal business attire on the days we visit museums; casual at other times. Comfortable shoes are a must. Atlanta is often still relatively warm at the beginning of November, but please review weather predictions in advance.

Getting Around Town

We will mostly be using Uber/ Lyft/ Taxis to get around town. Please ensure that you have these apps and/or have researched taxi contact information before arriving in Atlanta.

Preliminary List of Museums and Sites

Still to be confirmed

Time Commitment

*There will be some preparatory work for this seminar.
Prepare to be completely “immersed” during the entire two-week period! Students will be busy from 9:00am – 5:00 pm each day, with some evenings and weekend work also required. Do not schedule activities unrelated to the seminar during these two weeks (including the weekend) until the syllabus becomes available.

Significant Others

Friends or partners may accompany students to Atlanta and may share hotel/dorm rooms. However, they are NOT allowed in class or on field trips.


Students are responsible for making their own accommodations. We recommend researching AirBnBs in Atlanta as well as aLoft Atlanta Downtown.

Travel Information

Please see the Advanced Academic Programs Student Travel page for information about waiver, liability, and emergency contact forms, and travel and health insurance.

Waiver Forms

Students traveling to Atlanta must fill out the following forms by September 1, 2017:

  1. Student field trip release and waiver of liability form.
  2. Emergency contact form.

Seminar Cost

The cost of the On-site Seminar course is the normal tuition rate for one class in the Museum Studies Program, which is approximately $4,085. There is an additional $350.00 field trip fee for the Atlanta seminar.

This course has a non-refundable $350.00 fee. If you drop this course, you will be refunded the tuition only, but not the $350.00 fee. Note that tuition/fees may not appear immediately on your billing statement but the previously stated refund information still applies.

Students are responsible for travel to and from the location, accommodations, and meals.  Students are also responsible for their other travel within the city, unless otherwise noted.


Students will register for this course (460.610.91) in ISIS. This course needs 10 students to run. (The maximum number of students is 20.)

This course has a non-refundable $350 fee. If you drop this course prior to July 14, you will be refunded the tuition only. If you drop this course after July 14, there will be no refund. Tuition may not appear immediately on your billing statement but the previously stated refund information still applies.

Please contact the Registration office if you need to drop this course. You cannot drop this course online, you must contact the Registration office at or fill out the add/drop form if you wish to drop.

Important Dates
June 19, 2017 Registration opens
July 14, 2017 Last day to register for seminar
September 1, 2017 Emergency contact information due, waiver form due
November 6, 2017 Seminar begins