2011 Video Podcast Series

Conversations at the Textile Museum

Project Description: Video Podcast Series

In January 2011, Johns Hopkins Museum Studies graduate students created a video podcast series for The Textile Museum as part of a two-week intensive seminar in Washington, DC. Students in the JHU program take 9 courses online and one 2-week seminar onsite where they visit museums, meet high-level museum professionals, explore the latest issues in museum practice, and work in teams on a directed activity with a local museum.

During the 2011 seminar, the directed activity involved a close collaboration between 20 students divided into five teams and The Textile Museum’s staff including the director, curator, educator, conservator and librarian. As a result of participating in this project, students were to be able to: 1) describe and experience the processes involved in creating a video podcast; 2) identify the characteristics, benefits and challenges of a collaborative approach to a project and 3) create a product that would serve the needs of the partnering institution.

The project allowed the students to build on what they had learned in their previous courses, work in teams, and apply theory and practice to a real-life experience of creating, planning, and producing a program with a museum and its staff. It was determined before hand that the project would take the form of a series of museum staff interviews to reveal what happens behind the scenes. Each team was assigned a staff member to interview. In addition to the many other activities undertaken during the two weeks of the seminar, students wrote interview scripts, learned to use audio/video software, recorded and edited video files, and presented their final projects.

The results of their work are the five video podcasts shown here as a series. They will be used by The Textile Museum on their own YouTube channel and the collaboration will be mentioned in the museum’s upcoming Members’ Magazine.

Video Podcast Series: Interviewees and Student Teams

Director – Maryclaire Ramsey

Lauren Arenson
Cheryl Rash Jones
Danielle Tompkins
Loni Wellman

Curator/Exhibitions – Lee Talbot

Britni Exton
Kimberly Golden
Laura Richardson
Deanna Sundling

Conservation – Esther Méthé

Laurie Stepp
Elizabeth Ricci
Rosie Walsh
Kayla Wiechmann

Library – Sumru Krody

Kirsty Gharavi
Kerri Kline
Rafi Rahman
Erin Stagner

Education – Tom Goehner

Andrea Bajrami
Dina Linn
Emily Penn
Jennifer Purcell


The students wish to thank to the following people for their support:

Johns Hopkins University Museum Studies Program (http://museum-studies.jhu.edu)

  • Phyllis Hecht, Director, JHU Museum Studies
  • Judith Landau, Coordinator & Instructor, DC Intersession Seminar
  • Suzy Shaw, Multimedia Specialist, JHU
  • Selma Thomas, Consultant, Interpretive Workshop
  • Chris Ubik, Project Technical Assistant
  • Carolina Puente, Seminar Teaching Assistant

The Textile Museum (http://www.textilemuseum.org)

  • Maryclaire Ramsey, Director
  • Cyndi Bohlin, Director of Communications and Marketing
  • Kathryn Klune, Communications and Marketing Assistant
  • Sumru Krody, Acting Librarian; Curator, Eastern Hemisphere Collections
  • Esther Méthé, Chief Conservator
  • Lee Talbot, Curator, Eastern Hemisphere Collections/Exhibitions
  • Tom Goehner, Curator of Education

Additional photos courtesy of The Textile Museum