Course Description

460.641 - Digital Media in the Museum

Digital media is a crucial part of a museum's visitor engagement strategy and it plays an integral role in such areas as informational programming, marketing, wayfinding, and interpretation. Students in this course will examine the impact of a wide range of technologies including mobile guides, multi-touch tables, augmented reality games, and immersive theater environments, on both museum professionals and visitors. Through readings, interviews with multimedia professionals, hands-on experience, and papers, students will learn the practical applications of digital technology while developing the critical skills necessary to evaluate both the use of technology and the best way to integrate it into the museum environment. This course provides students with the basic skills to plan, manage, and assess the production of successful in-museum digital media projects. Students will have the opportunity to produce their own project plan for a real or imagined production. Prerequisite: Museums in the Digital Age (460.602)