International Study

Among the Center’s most exciting opportunities are our study abroad options, typically offered as summer courses. These courses give students the unparalleled experience of visiting a country and learning about it from local leaders, citizens and experts in the field.

In the past, we have offered courses with components in Mexico, Belgium, Germany, Israel, India, Normandy and London. Please click on the course names below for more information.

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Sustainable Cities in France and Germany: Lessons for the United States (May 2015) 470.755.91 Sustainable Cities

China’s Place in the 21st Century (June 2014) China

Politics Culture and Security in India (January 2013) Red Fort in Delhi


Command and Leadership in War: Operation Overlord (May 2012) Faculty member Dr. Ariel Roth in Portsmouth, England, on a course planning trip in January 2012.

Politics Culture and Security in Israel (July 2011) Students and faculty in front of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem.

Environmental Governance, Climate Change and Energy Security in Europe and America (July 2010)Students in the course pose with faculty member Dr. Kathy Wagner in Le Grand-Place in Brussels.