Highlight on Students

The Master of Arts in Government program at Hopkins serves professionals working both inside and outside of the Beltway working on political issues, and on issues affected by policy and legislation.

Many students work for the executive branch, Congress, journals, and advocacy organizations of many different kinds. Students often hold positions of authority and are seeking greater education and credentials to strengthen their work and standing. Many directly apply the research of their Master’s thesis to their professional work.

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Student News Archive

February 2014 – James Miervaldis (MA in Government 2010) has co-developed the Johns Hopkins Tradition Scarf for the JHU community. The scarf has received widespread acclaim, and was recently worn by Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC.

January 2014 – Many thanks to our alumni Kelsey Stroud (MA in Government 2013), Cecelia Hoffman (MA in Global Security Studies) and Lindsay Bomar (MA in Public Management 2013) for serving as the Spring 2014 Research in Governmental Studies Symposium speakers.

November 2013 – Felisa Neuringer Klubes (MA in Government 2002) has accepted a position as the Communications Director at the Pew Charitable Trusts in Washington, DC. Ms. Klubes was formerly the Director of Public Affairs and Media Relations at SAIS.

August 2013 – Caitlyn Gart (MA in Government) was selected to be a Bryce Harlow Fellow for the 2013-2014 academic year.

July 2013 – Kristen Soltis Anderson (MA in Government, 2009) was named to the National Journal’s list of the Top 25 Most Influential Washington Women Under 35. Kristen is Vice President of the Winston Group.

June 2013 – Kate Michael (MA in Government/MBA, 2008) was featured in the Washington Post Magazine in the article, “Party Bloggers Battle to Run D.C.’s Top Social Website.”  Kate is a writer and local talk-show host who covers lifestyle news for the D.C. area.

May 2013 – Jeffrey Selingo (MA in Government, 2001) is the author of College (Un)Bound: The Future of Higher Education and What it Means for Students. The book examines the value of a four-year degree in the United States. Jeffrey is an editor at large for the Chronicle of Higher Education.

February 2013 — Ryan Emenaker (MA in Government, 2013) published an article on SCOTUSblog about the Voting Rights Act, pre-clearance requirement and Shelby County vs. Holder. The article is part of a two-part symposium featuring contributions from top scholars around the country.

February 2013 — Kristen Soltis Anderson (MA in Government, 2009) was featured in a Sunday New York Times story, “Can the Republicans Be Saved from Obsolescence?” Kristen is the Vice-President of The Winston Group, an opinion research and political communications firm.

September 2012 — Cindy Hooper (MA in Government, 1996) is the author of Conflict: African American Women and the New Dilemma of Race and Gender Politics. The book examines the modern role of African American women in elections. More details here.

August 2012 — Elyssa Hesky (MA in Government/MBA), Cynthia Magnuson (MA in Government), Breanna Olson (MA in Government) and Laura Selway (MA in Global Security Studies) have been awarded the highly competitive Bryce Harlow Fellowship. The fellowship supports graduate students who are pursuing careers in lobbying, government relations or public affairs.

April 2012 — Ryan Emenaker (MA in Government, 2013) published an article in the Times-Standard about the power of the Supreme Court. The article provides a fascinating overview of the history of judicial review and an analysis of the frequency with which the Court has successfully struck down acts of Congress. Read the full article here. Ryan is a Professor of Political Science at the College of the Redwoods.

January 2012 — Chloe Cabot (MA in Government, 2012) was selected as a finalist for the Presidential Management Fellowship. Chloe is currently a special assistant in legislative affairs at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

December 2011 — Dustin Taylor (MA in Government) co-authored an op-ed titled “Forget Iowa” with Professor Robert Guttman, which examines the historical basis of America’s primary and caucus system, as well as some of the current problems with it.

June 2011 — Sage Newman (MA in Government, 2011) published the article “Investing in the Post-Recession World” in the Harvard Business Review. The article uses political and economic data drawn from a variety of sources to identify those countries that provide the greatest opportunities for corporate growth.

May 2011 — Matt Laslo (MA in Government, 2011) published a piece in the Atlantic based partly on his interview with NATO Secretary-General Andres Fogh Rasmussen. Click here for the story.

February 2011 — Micah Spangler (MA in Government, 2011) was awarded a Huayu Enrichment Scholarship (HES) by the Taiwan Ministry of Education. The HES was established by the Republic of China in 2005 to encourage international students to undertake Mandarin Chinese language study in Taiwan.

February 2011 — Abraham Akoi (MA in Government/MBA, 2010) returned home to Sudan to participate in a historic vote. His exceptional life story is the subject of this recent feature story in the Washington Post.