Course Schedule

The courses below are those offered for the term. (To view the course description, class dates & times, touch on accordion tab by the title.)

  • Homewood Off Campus

    455.610.11 - Foundations of Immersive Storytelling: Theory & Practice


    Gaurav Arora

    Friday 5:30 - 8:30; 6/1 - 8/17
    Saturday 10:00 - 3:00; 6/2 - 8/18

    This introductory course will provide students with the tools and the mind set for making compelling VR/AR experiences. While the industry is nascent, the technological and storytelling innovations move forward at breakneck speed. Students will also, each class, dissect to understand the approaches to the current catalog of immersive experiences, ranging from 360 film, to animation and room scale installation experiences, often with creators who made them to understand challenges and lessons learned. Subsequently, after this overview, students will have the option to build their own prototypes and, also, to support a VR/AR project housed within the program with a leading artist.

    Homewood, off-campus (Film Centre 10 E North Ave) Schedule/Special notes: May 20 - Aug 22. The exact dates I propose are the following: June 1/2 (Friday 530-830pm, Saturday 10-3pm) June 22/23 (same times as above for all sessions during semester) July 13/14 July 27/28 August 3/4

    455.626.11 - Mixing Sound for Picture


    Scott Metcalfe

    Monday 1:00 - 4:00; 6/4 - 7/11
    Wednesday 1:00 - 4:00; 5/30 - 7/11

    It doesn't matter how good your video looks; if the sound is bad you will lose your viewers. This class explores the tools and techniques associated with mixing sound for visual media for professional results. Projects will be used to learn mixing signal flow; effective use of equalization, dynamics processing (compression, limiting, noise reduction, etc.), and delay-based effects; metering and setting optimized audio levels; and delivery formats in both stereo and surround. Guest lecturers include veteran sound mixers from New York and Los Angeles who will critique students' works in progress.

    Homewood, off-campus (Film Centre 10 E North Ave)