Practice Math Questions

Practice Math Questions for Admitted Environmental Science and Policy Students

Students admitted to the Environmental Sciences and Policy program, you are strongly encouraged to complete the online Practice Math Questions.  Instructions for accessing the questions are below.

The practice questions will be available to admitted students only. This is not an exam. There is no penalty if you decide not complete the practice questions or if you do not correctly answer them.  The purpose of providing these questions is to help newly admitted students assess their quantitative abilities and to see the type of skills that can be expected in the program.  You should go through the series of questions, answering them the best you can, review the correct answers, and then determine which, if any, quantitative skills you need to study so that you are prepared for your core classes.  If after completing the practice questions you don’t feel that you did very well and need more formal study, talk with your advisor about your options.

There is no time limit.  It is expected that you would use a calculator.

Instructions for Accessing the Math Practice Questions

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the blue JHED Login button
  3. Type in your JHED ID and Password and click Login. The MyWorkspace site will appear.
  4. From the MyWorkspace site click on the Membership tool from the left-hand tool tray.
  5. Click the Joinable Sites link at the top of the Membership detail page.
  6.  In the Search field, located at the upper right hand corner of the screen, enter “AAP_ESP_MAT_ONGO” and click Search.
  7. To join the site, click the Join link under the site name.
  8. The course will be located under the My Sites tab or the My Current Sites link.
  9. Click on the AAP_ESP_MAT_ONGO course
  10. Click on the Tasks, Tests and Surveys tool listed on the left hand tool tray.
  11. Click on ESP Math Assessment to begin your test.

If you have any difficulties accessing the site, please email

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