Capstone Project

The Environmental Sciences and Policy (ESP) program at Johns Hopkins offers a Capstone Project as one of the last courses that a student takes in their program. This experience is optional for those doing the general degree but is required for those doing one of the concentrations. The Capstone experience requires students to develop a research project that builds on material learned in their program of study in environmental sciences and policy.

Students must work with a mentor to develop the project. The mentor can be a faculty member in ESP, someone elsewhere at JHU, or from an outside organization. For more information, please view the Mentor Guidelines.

Instructor permission is required in order to register for this course as a project proposal needs to be developed the semester before the course is taken. The Capstone should result in a deliverable, such as a written report, a formal presentation of results. For more information, please view the Capstone Guidelines and consult the course instructor Daniel Zachary (