Scholarships and Fellowships

Bryce Harlow

The Byrce Harlow Foundation has awarded fellowships to highly motivated students who are pursuing a career in professional advocacy through public affairs, government relations or lobbying. Fellowships are awarded to individuals who undertake graduate level studies on a part-time basis and work full-time. Graduate programs may include, but are not limited to public policy, law, and business. The $6,000 award will help defray tuition costs and will be paid directly to the university in two installments. The process begins each year in January with online application materials and ends in July with the announcement of the fellows. For information, click here.

National Fellowships and Scholarships Program at JHU

To learn more about National Fellowship and Scholarship support services available at Johns Hopkins University, click here.

Other Scholarships


The Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program is a federal job placement program for outstanding graduate students – the “best and the brightest.” It places students in two-year, paid fellowships during which students rotate through government agencies to gain management experience. The goal of the program is to train/produce future managers and leaders in government service. At the end of the fellowship, students can be placed in well-paying, management-level, permanent positions with federal agencies (although the program does not guarantee employment).

The PMF program accepts a new class of graduates each year.  Applicants submit their applications online during a defined time period. The application time varies a bit each year, but tends to occur in October or November. Graduate students from all academic disciplines are eligible to participate in the PMF application process if they expect to complete an advanced degree (masters or professional) from a college or university during that same academic year (anytime between September 1 and August 31). Former graduate students who completed an advanced degree no more than 2 years prior to the opening date of the PMF Program’s announcement are also eligible to apply.

The best way to learn about the PMF program and keep abreast of important deadlines is to monitor the “Be a PMF” section of the PMF  website.

NOTE: In previous years, students needed to be nominated by their academic programs to apply. This is no longer the case. The federal government revamped the program for the 2012/2013 cycle and beyond. Universities will no longer play a role in the application or selection process. Students will now apply directly to the PMF program.

Other Fellowships