Highlight on Alumni

Armando Salim Muñoz Abraham, Class of 2014

Armando Salim Muñoz Abraham

What Master´s program were you in? Masters in Biotechnology Enterprise and Entrepreneurship. Graduated May 2014.

Why did you choose to get your Master´s degree from Johns Hopkins? I was looking for a program that would further expand my knowledge in biotechnology, and that integrated all the translational sciences that are needed for medical discoveries and technologies to thrive. Since most of the time health care professionals or scientist like me are not aware of all the collaboration that is needed from areas such as intellectual property, regulations, management, marketing, finance, ethics, I wanted to find the right fit that would teach me the knowledge and tools to broaden my vision before starting my training as a surgeon. The Master´s at Johns Hopkins was that perfect fit, and overall a great learning and life experience that is already helping me develop a successful career as a physician-scientist with the vision of an entrepreneur.

What was your most memorable experience from the program? During my Practicum in Biotechnology, by being able to develop along with my team a real life project for a MedImmune.

How did the program enhanced your career? The program gave me a great start in my career as a physician-scientist by broadening my vision to search for new ways to innovate in science and surgery. Also, the experience gained while working in several projects with other students, since the program was very team-oriented, is allowing me to deal with everyday situations at work and be able to integrate optimally in research teams with people with different backgrounds.

Have you participated in or completed any compelling research relating to your degree? My degree from Johns Hopkins University allowed me to obtain a position as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Transplantation Department in the Yale School of Medicine. My work consists of collaborating in multiple basic and clinical research projects for transplantation. This allows me to apply my knowledge in medicine, biotechnology, leadership, intellectual property, management and entrepreneurism every day and increase my expertise.

What are your future plans? Currently I am applying for a general surgery residency position in the US to continue with my medical training so that in the future I can integrate my knowledge gained from my Master´s along with surgical expertise in order to be able to bring innovation to the surgery field.