Course Description

460.660 - Culture and Management of Technology in Museums

Technology plays an increasingly critical role in how 21st-century museums should operate their business, manage their information and engage with their audiences. To be a successful museum professional today, in any discipline, requires some understanding of the impact and opportunities that can be derived from the use of technology to support our initiatives, from supporting core museum functions like managing collections information and digital assets, to understanding the opportunities that the internet, mobile technologies and social media can provide to engage with our audiences. Understanding the principles that underlie various technologies and specific applications, and how the workplace and society influence our use of technology are crucial to understanding how museums can use technology to deliver on their missions. By providing a grounding in technology trends, principles, concepts, applications and philosophies, this course will provide non-technical students with the necessary knowledge and tools to assess, deploy and manage the use of technology in a museum environment. This course may be taken as a required course in place of 460.602 - Museums in the Digital Age.