Degree Requirements


MA in Government

All MA/MBA students are required to complete the following two courses:

  • Proseminar: Essentials of Public and Private Management
  • Government and Politics in the U.S.

MA/MBA students must take an additional eight electives in the Government program. Though not required, the following courses are recommended electives:

  • Introduction to Quantitative Research Methods
  • Law of Public Institutions
  • Congressional Policy Making
  • The Budgetary Process
  • Executive Politics and Policymaking
  • Public Entrepreneurship
  • Negotiating as Leadership Skill
  • Government and the Global Economy
  • State Politics and Policymaking
  • Research and Thesis I, II and III

Writing a thesis is optional for MA/MBA students, but is encouraged. MA/MBA students who successfully defend their theses will be awarded honors at graduation.

Students who would like to earn a concentration may take four electives in a given concentration area. Concentrations are offered in Political Communication, Security Studies, and Democracy Studies and Governance. To earn a concentration, students must take four classes in that subject area.


All MA/MBA students are also required to complete the following MBA courses:

  1. Negotiation
  2. Decision Models
  3. Statistical Analysis
  4. Business Communication
  5. The Firm & the Macroeconomy
  6. Economics for Decision Making
  7. Leadership Ethics Seminar
  8. Business Law
  9. Corporate Finance
  10. Information Systems
  11. Customer Driven Marketing
  12. Leading in Organizations
  13. Operations Management
  14. Investments
  15. Strategic Human Capital
  16. Accounting & Financial Reporting
  17. Strategic Management Capstone Course (16 weeks)
  18. Elective
  19. Elective
  20. Elective

All courses are two credits except Strategic Management, which is four credits.

For more information, please contact Carey Business School Admissions