Online Education

About our fully online degree

In addition to being available in a traditional classroom format in Washington, DC, the Johns Hopkins Master of Arts in Communication is also available in a fully online format. Our online program provides the same top-tier Master’s degree in Communication that we offer in our in-person program. Students may move seamlessly between in-person and online classes. All of our courses follow a traditional academic calendar.


Courses are delivered through an easy-to-use asynchronous course management system, which is web-based and free of charge. Registered students are given access to the course Website 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Students are not required to log on at a particular time; they log on multiple times a week at their convenience. When students log on, they watch, read, or listen to a lecture and engage in discussions with colleagues and the instructor. Students submit papers, assignments, projects, presentations, and exams through the course management system. You may take all of your courses online. There is no in-person requirement.


For years Johns Hopkins University has offered a rigorous, flexible, and practical Master of Arts in Communication degree. Those same high standards will apply to our fully-online program. We seek serious, hardworking students who want a first-rate degree, top-notch colleagues and faculty, and a challenging and stimulating learning environment that is relevant to real-world work.


Just like our in-person curriculum, our online MA in Communication is designed to be flexible. Students who work full-time can take one or two courses per semester. Those who want to take courses at a full-time pace can take three or four courses per semester. Students may take a semester off without seeking a leave of absence. We offer courses year round.


A community Web site connects students to their classmates. Think of the site as an online student union where students congregate with others in the program, learn about courses and jobs, take part in synchronous/recorded enrichment events with cutting-edge andindustry leading guest speakers, and chat with friends.


Students in our online degree in Communication follow the same curriculum as our in-person students. We offer a wide variety of online courses; however, students are not guaranteed to be able to earn a concentration at this time. We plan to add individual concentrations to the online MA in Communication as the program grows.


We use the same admissions process and standards for our online students as for our in-person students. However, provisional students may not take classes online.