Online Education

The Johns Hopkins MS in Biotechnology offers a wide range of online courses that can conveniently fit into your schedule. Designed for busy bioscience professionals, our online courses provide in-depth coverage of theoretical, applied, and specialized subjects and are taught by expert faculty from academia, the private sector, and the government.

You may complete the degree requirements fully online for the Master of Science in Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology Enterprise and Entrepreneurship or Regulatory Science.

Course requirements for the online degree are the same as the standard degree and you receive the same Johns Hopkins education that our on-ground students receive. For a current list of courses offered online, visit the current course schedules. In order to meet the needs of students who require flexibility in scheduling or who cannot relocate to the Baltimore/Washington area, we offer an option to complete the MS in Biotechnology degree fully online.

The online courses follow the traditional semester schedule and are asynchronous. Neither the students nor the instructor are expected to be online at a particular time. Optional synchronous activities such as exam reviews, office hours, and guest speakers are sometimes used as well, as long as they are recorded and made available to students who cannot attend. All courses are participatory; students are expected to interact with their instructor(s) and with each other throughout the semester.

The bulk of your online course experience will happen within a course management system. This web-based software includes:

  • Areas for you to read and view course content
  • Communicate with your instructor and classmates on the discussion board
  • Upload and download course assignments
  • Take online exams and quizzes
  • Monitor your grades

Course content is delivered via text notes, PowerPoint, narrated PowerPoint, streaming video and web-conferencing in order to meet the needs of various learning styles. Learn more about online education.

Not all courses are available online, but a complete program is offered. All biotechnology students may take advantage of the online offerings as it suits their needs.