Applied Economics/National Security Studies Certificate

Economic analysis is a rapidly evolving discipline that requires people who can interpret economic data to inform decisions that affect the broad range of threats to peace. Everything from cyber security to counterterrorism depends on sound economic analysis to make intelligent decisions. The Dual Master of Science in Applied Economics/Certificate in National Security Studies is designed to equip professionals to do so.

Quick Stats

Course Locations Washington, DC and Online
Earn Degree Onsite Yes
Earn Degree Online No
Entry Terms Fall, Spring or Summer semester
Degree Requirements 13 courses (9 for the MS in Economics; 4 for the Certificate in National Security Studies)

Program Overview

Economics has long contributed to analysis of national and global security matters. Unfortunately, it is difficult for students interested in these fields to find a formal, structured educational program outside the Service Academies to systematically train them in both together.

The MS in Applied Economics and the Certificate Program in National Security Studies dual degree program offers dual credit for two courses, reducing the total courses you need to earn the two diplomas from 15 to 13: Nine in Applied Economics and four in National Security Studies.

For more information about degree requirements, visit the Degree Requirements page.


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