Multi-Year Schedule

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This schedule is subject to change.

Requirement/Course SU17 FA17 SP18 SU18 FA18 SP18
One course in each of the following areas:
Security Studies
470.603 Introduction to Global Security Studies
(Gans, Thachuk, Laird)
Onsite Online Onsite Onsite Online
470.692 Military Strategy and National Policy
(Stout, Vlahos, Woods)
Onsite Onsite Online and Onsite Onsite Onsite Online and Onsite
Science and Technology (Selected)
406.661 Technology and Terrorism
Online Onsite
406.678 Science of Biodefense
406.680 The Impact of Science on National Security
Onsite Onsite
406.681 Technology of Weapons of Mass Destruction Online Onsite
406.683 Weapons of War: The Technology and Uses of Weapons
Onsite Onsite
410.692 Biological & Chemical Threat Response & Forensics
410.693 Science, Medicine & Policy in Biodefense
420.608 Oceanic and Atmospheric Processes Online Online Onsite Onsite
425.601 Principles and Applications of Energy Technology Online Onsite Online Onsite
425.602 Science of Climate Change and its Impact Online Onsite Online
430.601 Geographic Information Systems Online Online Online Online Online
430.602 Remote Sensing: Earth Observing Systems and Applications Online Online
470.709 Quantitative Methods
470.743 Data Mining and Predictive Analytics
Other courses as they are developed.
Science and Technology Policy (Selected)
Requirement/ Course SU17 FA17 SP18 SU18 FA18
406.676 The Politics of Cybersecurity
Onsite Online
425.603 Climate Change Policy Analysis Onsite Onsite
425.604 Energy and Climate Finance Onsite Online Onsite Onsite
470.601 Climate Change and National Security
(Parthemore, Rogers)
470.657 Energy, Security and Defense
Onsite Onsite
406.680 The Impact of Science on National Security
Onsite Onsite
470.685 The Challenge of Change: Innovation in Military Affairs
Online Online
470.696 Ethics and Privacy in Intelligence Operations
Onsite Online
470.731 Privacy in a Data-driven Society
Online Online
470.740 Cyber Policy, Strategy, Conflict and Deterrence
Online Onsite
470.752 Intelligence Analysis
(Beebe, Storer)
Onsite Online Onsite Online
470.773 Energy and Environmental Security
(Briggs, Parthemore)
Onsite Online Onsite Onsite Online Onsite
Other courses as they are developed.
Electives (select 2 courses)

STIS students must also complete two electives. Eligible electives include any of the above courses if not used to satisfy core requirements. They also include all courses offered under the Science, Technology and International Security rubric. These courses have the course number prefix of 406.In addition, students may take any course from the STIS’ partner programs. Note that some courses have pre-requisites or assume certain knowledge. When in doubt, contact the instructor or the director of the program offering the course.

Partner programs include:

State-specific Information for Online Programs

Note: Students should be aware of state-specific information for online programs. For more information, please contact an admissions representative.