Course Description

410.635 - Bioinformatics:Tools for Genome Analysis

Several large-scale DNA sequencing efforts have resulted in megabase amounts of DNA sequences being deposited in public databases. As such, the sequences are of less use than those sequences that are fully annotated. Assigning annotations, such as exon boundaries, repeat regions, and other biologically relevant information, accurately in the feature tables of these sequences requires a significant amount of human intervention. This course instructs students on computer analytical methods for gene identification, promoter analysis, and introductory gene expression analysis using software methods. Additionally, students are introduced to comparative genomics and proteomic analysis methods. Students will become proficient in annotating large genomic DNA sequences. Students complete two large sequence analysis projects during the course. Prerequisites: 410.601 Biochemistry; 410.602 Molecular Biology; 410.633 Introduction to Bioinformatics; or all Bioinformatics core courses.