Student Testimonials

Even though I have had experience in the nonprofit sector, most of what I learned here was absolutely new… I have already used a lot of things I have learned.
— Sulakshana B.

I am loving the class…
— Don M.

I found with all the traveling I have to do for work that the online courses provide much more flexibility.
— Kirk S.

This has been an excellent addition to my business education.
— Eliza H.

Over the course of this semester, I have learned a number of skills, gained a great deal of knowledge, and put into practice core principles that are essential to success in both the public and private sectors…and that just so happened to coincide with my rise into a managerial position in my company.
— Sean G.

I have very much enjoyed this course and the diverse perspectives my classmates have provided. I look forward to applying these lessons from class to the real world.
— Allison K.

I recently earned a promotion as Business Manager… I cited much of the information that I learned in the course throughout my interview.
— Renisha R.

I am enjoying my current class and learning so much that can be applied to museum studies.
— Lauren A.

I am really so pleased with the thoroughness of the topics covered and all I have learned.
— Rachel R.

I particularly appreciated that we delved into the grey as opposed to just the black-and-white….we saw the effects that losing the public’s trust can have on an organization.
— Mariela Z.

I have a much better sense of the differing roles and responsibilities of non-profit boards versus the staff… It’s an important concept for someone like me—who works on the Hill—to keep straight, since I regularly interact with both groups of people when they come to the Hill to represent their non-profit’s interests.
— Sheila G.

As someone who has only acted as a volunteer for a number of nonprofits and never been a board member, I really found the discussion of the basic responsibilities of what a board should be doing as very helpful.
— Alexis H.

The writings and supporting literature were so good…
— Don M.