Certificate Requirements

Five courses are required to complete the certificate. All courses are taught online, giving students access to the best geospatial experts, regardless of their location.

Students will complete the following five (5) courses for the GIS certificate:

Alternate Course Options

Students who have completed other GIS courses or who have GIS work experience can request a waiver of the introductory courses, 430.601 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or 430.602 Remote Sensing: Earth Observing Systems and Applications. Students who receive waivers must choose additional courses to complete the certificate requirements by choosing any of the elective courses offered by the Masters in GIS program, by choosing any electives offered by the Computer Science program in Engineering Programs, or by choosing GIS courses offered in the School of Public Heath. Students will need to meet the prerequisites for the specific computer science and epidemiology courses they choose.

State-specific Information for Online Programs

Note: Students should be aware of state-specific information for online programs. For more information, please contact an admissions representative.