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Paul Weinstein, Director of MA in Public Management Program, on NPR

Paul Weinstein

On February 22, 2017,’s AirTalk featured Paul Weinstein, director of the MA in Public Management program, discussing whether AP classes adequately prepare students for college. Last year, nearly 3 million high school students took 4.7 million Advanced Placement (AP) exams around the world, a 5% increase from the previous cycle. Listen to this story (16 min 13 sec)

The Ideology of al Qaeda and ISIS: An Interview with Dr. Shiraz Maher

Shiraz Maher

Do al Qaeda and ISIL fight the way they do because of their understanding of Islam? Or do they have the understanding of Islam they do because they are fighting? What do they believe anyway and what sort of theological contortions did they have to go through to justify those beliefs? Dr. Shiraz Maher of Kings read more…

Odyssey: Rethinking the Vietnam War: A 21st Century Perspective

Odyssey AAP JHU Sidebar Image

Run in conjunction with the Ken Burns and Lynn Novick documentary film series The Vietnam War (PBS, 2017), this course provides an informed introduction to that war and its major themes, trends, and debates. Taking into account recent scholarship, it focuses on a series of fundamental questions about the war, including: What was the Vietnam War: colonial read more…

“Hidden Figures” Film Screening Sparks Conversation on Women, Minorities in Science

Hidden Figures

The panelists noted that although the number of women earning undergraduate degrees in the sciences is rising steadily, their trajectory to senior positions hasn’t followed suit. “For leadership positions, the numbers for women at the top is woefully low,” said Lynn Johnson Langer, Director of Regulatory Science and Enterprise Programs for JHU’s Advanced Academic Programs. Read more read more…

AAP Career Services Mentor and Mentorship Event

AAP Career Services Mentorship Event

The Mentor and Mentoring Event provided opportunities for AAP students to learn about the challenges and benefits of establishing a mentor relationship. Guidance was provided by a talented and experienced panel on how to formulate a successful mentorship. The participants learned about the various types of mentorships available and how to determine the appropriate type read more…

JHU Adjunct Instructor Gets Oscar Nod for “O.J.: Made in America”


Johns Hopkins University Krieger School of Arts and Sciences is honored to announce that Emmy-nominated producer Tamara Rosenberg will speak at its 2017 Master’s Degree Graduation Ceremony on May 22. The acclaimed producer was nominated for an Academy Award for O.J.: Made in America. The documentary, about two of America’s greatest fixations – race and read more…

C-SPAN Q&A with Benjamin Ginsberg

Benjamin Ginsberg, PhD, is the David Bernstein Professor of Political Science and Chair of the Center for Advanced Governmental Studies of Advanced Academic Programs at the Johns Hopkins University.

Professor Benjamin Ginsberg, Chair of the AAP Center for Advanced Governmental Studies, was recently interviewed by about his new book, What Washington Gets Wrong: The Unelected Officials Who Actually Run the Government and Their Misconceptions about the American People.

Byrce Harlow Foundation Fellowship Application Opens

Bryce Harlow Foundation

The Bryce Harlow Foundation, the premier organization in Washington for government advocacy, is now accepting applications for its Bryce Harlow Fellowships. Fellowships are awarded to individuals working full-time, attending graduate school part-time and who anticipate having careers in the field of government relations, lobbying or advocacy. If you are working in the field of government read more…

Karen Houppert, New Associate Director, MA in Writing Program

Karen Houppert

The Writing Program is very pleased to announce that Karen Houppert has joined the MA in Writing program at Johns Hopkins University as the program’s new Associate Director. An award-winning teacher and writer, Karen has extensive, distinguished publications to her credit. She is the author of The Curse, Confronting the Last Unmentionable Taboo: Menstruation (FSG); read more…