Stella-Monica Mpande, Program Coordinator, Sr. Lecturer

Stella-Monica N. Mpande earned her Doctor of Philosophy from Howard University in Washington DC where she studied international government public relations, development communication (offline and through social media) and Diaspora affairs. Her works also focused on the roles of culture on sustainable socio-economic development in Africa and she has published book chapters on the critical use of social media in academic and political settings. Her dissertation used Uganda as a case-study to assess and evaluate how the Ugandan government cultivates its relationships with its Diaspora in the USA through its uses of ICT and social media to motivate them to invest in, and develop their home country, Uganda.

While earning her Ph.D., Stella-Monica also served Howard University as an instructor/lecturer of the Principles of Speech basic communications course from 2011-2015, where she also worked closely with her Director in restructuring and redesigning the course into one that was more competency-based. She also contributed original chapters into the accompanying textbook that her team re-designed to support the restructured course.

Prior to earning her Ph.D., Stella-Monica earned her Masters of Labor and Human Resources from the Ohio State University with a Green Belt certificate in Lean Six Sigma. She earned her M.A. in Global Marketing Communications and Advertising from Emerson College and her B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communications – Public Relations sequence from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her background in media and external relations, marketing communications, broadcast and print journalism, as well as research led her to various professional experiences with the United Nations, the African Development Bank, Paramount Pictures Domestic Television, healthcare and IT firms, as well as universities.

Stella-Monica is fluent in English and French. She was born in Uganda, East Africa, raised in multicultural environments in French-speaking Ivory Coast, West Africa, prior to moving to the USA.

Trivia: Stella-Monica is a New York trained professional actress and playwright who has performed in several Off-Broadway shows and enjoys dabbling into theatre, dance and the visual arts (sculpting, sketching and painting) when she gets the chance!


Stella-Monica Mpande