Rod Carveth, PhD, MA

Rod Carveth, Ph.D., MA, is Assistant Professor of Public Relations and Advertising at Morgan State University. He came to MSU in 2012. He has worked at several schools, including the University of Hartford, where he developed the advertising program and served as the graduate program director. Rod was chair of the communication departments at the University of Bridgeport (CT) and Marywood University (PA). He was also director of the Institute for Communication Research at Texas Tech University.  Over the years, Rod has taught courses ranging from public relations and advertising to social media. He has a variety of research interests. His current research examines apology strategies of companies and individual involved in crises. Rod has also co-edited books on media economics as well as the TV series “Mad Men,” and has just finished a book chapter on the state of social media in Japan.  He serves as Vice-President of Development for the Center for Ethical Solutions, a medical ethics think tank in VA, and as Associate Director for the Partnership for Progress on the Digital Divide, an organization that brings scholars and policymakers together to combat inequities in technological access in the United States.

Rod is an avid bike rider. Last August, he participated in the Pan-Massachusetts Challenge (PMC), a 2-day, 160-mile ride from Wellesley, MA to Provincetown, MA. The PMC is a fundraiser for the Dana Farber Cancer Research Institute. Rod has a daughter, Alana, who is a junior majoring in evolutionary biology at Central Connecticut State University.  He lives in Towson, MD.  Rod has a Ph.D.  and M.A. in Communication from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst; and a B.A. in Sociology from Yale University.  He teaches Interactive Marketing/Advertising and Corporate Social Responsibility Campaigns.