Robert C. Means, Adjunct Faculty

Robert C. Means, SJD is an expert in energy policy and regulation, with more than thirty years of experience in dealing with energy issues as an academic, consultant, and regulator. Dr. Means has advised clients on regulatory issues and served as an expert witness in more than ninety proceedings before the courts and before federal and state regulatory agencies in the United States and the National Energy Board of Canada. Issues analyzed in his testimony have included access to transportation, market power, and the proper determination of rates for electric utilities and natural gas and oil pipelines. The US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission relied on his testimony and analysis in adopting its current rate making methodology for oil pipelines.

Dr. Means is an electricity advisor for the State Department’s Iraq desk and is responsible for monitoring the development of the Iraq electricity system and for assessing policy options relating to that development. He has served as chief of party or member for teams advising governments in South and Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America on issues of energy policy and regulation.

Dr. Means received a BS in history and mathematics from the Iowa State University and an LLB. magna cum laude and an SJD from the Harvard Law School. His course work for the SJD degree consisted of graduate courses in the Harvard economics department. While at Harvard, he served as Supreme Court Note and Developments Editor of the Harvard Law Review.

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He teaches 425.603 Climate Change Policy Analysis, 425.628 Renewable Energy Project Development and Finance, 425.640 The Future of the US Electricity System in a Carbon-Constrained World.

Robert Means