Ray Boisvert, Adjunct Faculty

After five years in federal policing, Ray joined the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) in 1984. He retired in 2012 as the Assistant Director, Intelligence. During his tenure, Ray was involved in broad facets of security intelligence operations, from leadership of the Counter Terrorism domain, to driving national security priorities pertaining to Operational Risk management, Data Exploitation programs, Human Source management, the Foreign Collection framework and all Special Operations efforts.

After almost three decades in national security, Ray now works with a variety of client organizations to help them gain a deeper understanding of intelligence and security matters in a global context, and the impact on their operating environments.

Currently, as President of I-Sec Integrated Strategies (ISECIS), Ray delivers business intelligence solutions affecting core challenges such as cyber and insider threats, while guiding resilience building around the principles of pro-active defense. Ray also works with Hill + Knowlton Strategies as part of their Digital Resilience team, in addition to consulting on mergers and acquisitions and other areas with potential national security complexities.

Ray is also a sought after public speaker on issues such as cyber security, the global threat environment and terrorism-related events, and is a national security expert for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

Ray Boisvert