Rachel Isaacs, Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Rachel Isaacs completed her Ph.D. work at Pennsylvania State University in the Department of Geography. Her doctoral work examined the spatial and temporal impacts of climate change on treeline in Denali National Park and Preserve, Alaska. Rachel is one of the rare few who received degrees in Geography throughout their academic career, first for her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Hawai’i -Hilo and then for her Master’s degree at Texas A&M University. Her research interests in landscape ecology, climate change, GIScience, remote sensing, and spatial statistics have led her to conduct research in several international and domestic locations including Scotland, Nicaragua, Alaska, Arkansas, Hawai’i, Washington, and California.

Rachel’s background and technical skills have enabled her to work in government and private sectors, as well as academia for the past 16 years. Private and government institutions include the American Association of Geographers (editorial), NOAA (metadata), National Geographic (video), and environmental compliance for the oil and gas industry with EMS and AK Environmental (GIS, drafting, and surveying). Rachel has also worked as a research consultant and instructor for Pennsylvania State University, Bucknell University, and Saint Paul College. For the past three years, Rachel has taught a variety of physical geography, human geography, and GIScience courses.

Rachel is currently running an environmental research consulting firm specializing in the impacts of climate change, land use/landcover assessments, wetland conservation, and precision agriculture.

Dr. Isaacs’ JHU email is risaacs6@jhu.edu.

Rachel Isaacs