Nicholas Reynolds, Adjunct Faculty

Nicholas Reynolds has worked in the fields of modern military history and intelligence for some 40 years, beginning with research into the German resistance to Hitler in World War II, as an undergraduate. Eventually he wrote his Ph.D. dissertation on General Ludwig Beck, the Chief of the German General Staff from 1933 to 1938 and a central figure in the attempted assassination of Hitler in July 1944. He received his D. Phil. (History) from University of Oxford and his B.A. (High Honors) from Swarthmore College.

He completed his studies while serving in the Marine Corps and working for the Directorate of Operations at CIA. His recent experiences and titles include: Museum Historian, Central Intelligence Agency (2010-Present); Inspector and Team Leader, Office of Inspector General, Central Intelligence Agency (2007-2009); Chair of National Intelligence, Naval War College, Newport, RI (2004-2007); and Chief of Field History, United States Marine Corps (2000-2004)

He’s taught courses in military operations and intelligence at the Naval War College and, as of summer 2013, at JHU AAP. He received the Legion of Merit and the obscure but honorable Order of St. Jerome.

He has edited The Journal of America’s Military Past and his recent publications include:



Nicholas Reynolds, JHU AAP